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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smart Now Has About More Than 500 HSPA+ Cell Sites

I've been watching how Globe and Smart will roll-out their respective HSPA+ (aka 4G) networks here in the Philippines. I just checked Smart's latest list of their HSPA+ coverage and it has now many areas covered, compared to about 150+ cell sites a few weeks ago. Now that's an aggressive one. I bet they will have a thousand cell sites by October or November. Meanwhile, Globe has not yet published it's coverage area list for  their HSPA+ network. I will try to ask them and update this post.

By the way, I wonder if Smart's HSPA+ network will work on my Nokia N8 (since it has a HSPA category 9 with capability of having download speeds of up to 10.2Mbps) with the ordinary Smart SIM, not the Bro ones... HSPA+ is backward compatible with 3G and 3.5G phones so techinically, it should work. It's not the real "4G".

I will try to test it out this week on my phone.

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